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Diamond C Trailers - Trailer Manufacturing

Diamond C Trailers - Trailer ManufacturingH&H Trailers is proud to offer Diamond C Trailers as its premier utility trailer. Diamond C is a company that prides itself on quality and innovation. Diamond C utilizes a custom manufacturing system to deliver exactly what the customer orders. Each trailer is built by the hands of one builder and progresses through the facility independently. H&H has a broad selection of Diamond C trailers in stock. We are also happy to order trailers to custom fit your needs.

Diamond C Trailer manufactures ATV, motorcycle, landscape, car hauler, and utility trailers with many options, but quality is standard in all.

Diamond C Trailer Manufacturing was founded by Mike and Kim Crabb in 1985. The company began as a small “backyard” operation with just a few employees. As the quality of Diamond C’s products became more and more popular, the company quickly transformed into a professional, national organization. Today, Diamond C is a growing company, focused on progress. The company remains family owned and operated and prides itself on product quality and innovation, and customer/vendor relationships.

When the build inspection is completed, each trailer is prepared for paint by a two step process. First, any hard debris and rough edges are removed by hand. Then, each trailer is high-pressure steam cleaned using a phosphatizing acid solution that ensures superior paint adhesion. After the application of Valspar Supreme Acrylic paint, electrical work and all other finish work is completed in a series of steps. Upon passing its final inspection, each trailer is then staged for shipment.

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